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Inspirational Gardens in London, England and around the world

As a garden designer based in London I am always visiting gardens for inspiration. I hope that this blog helps to share my enthusiasm for these fantastic spaces – perhaps even giving you ideas for layouts and planting in your own garden or landscape.

Arlington Bluebell Walk – East Sussex

Ok, so it’s not strictly a garden but the the Bluebells were so beautiful I had to share them with you. Seeing this month’s picture of a tranquil Bluebell wood on my Countryfile calendar inspired me to hunt out a local woodland that is famous for its display of Bluebells. The Bluebells have a magical … Continued

The Garden Museum – Central London, Lambeth

Tucked away opposite the Houses of Parliament is a magical place with the feeling of a secret garden. This garden had a warmth and spirituality to it that many places try to replicate but was inherent in this space due to its history and setting. The Garden Museum is set in an old church that … Continued