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Inspirational Gardens in London, England and around the world

As a garden designer based in London I am always visiting gardens for inspiration. I hope that this blog helps to share my enthusiasm for these fantastic spaces – perhaps even giving you ideas for layouts and planting in your own garden or landscape.

Borde Hill Garden – West Sussex

On an unseasonably warm autumnal day, with a few friends and Charlie the dog we enjoyed the beautiful russet tones and floral surprises of this Edwardian garden.

The strong reds and yellows of autumn appeared even brighter against the grey backdrop of a misty day.

Due to the lack of any really cold weather so far this year there were still some remnants of summer lingering in the rose garden and herbaceous borders, a slightly faded memory of the blue skies and bright colours that had been there before.

As the plants recede into a mass of russet colours and the flowers fade, the structure of the garden begins to reveal itself. This garden was set out as a collection of “garden rooms” a phrase that is now fashionable in garden design. It means as you walk around the space you find surprises around every corner.

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