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Inspirational Gardens in London, England and around the world

As a garden designer based in London I am always visiting gardens for inspiration. I hope that this blog helps to share my enthusiasm for these fantastic spaces – perhaps even giving you ideas for layouts and planting in your own garden or landscape.

Chelsea Flower Show 2015

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is to a garden designer what Paris Fashion Week is to a fashion designer. For me it’s an annual must-do and a great place to gather inspiration for my own projects. Here are a few things that caught my eye as I wondered round. Sculpture There were some great ideas … Continued

Hampstead Heath / Kenwood House – North London

On a beautifully sunny afternoon in London what better place could you be than watching the shimmering cityscape whilst surrounded by beautiful landscape at Hampstead Heath? As I wondered past Kenwood House I thought to myself “what a beautifully English country landscape scene” and then I realised that this was in fact enhanced by one … Continued

Botanical Gardens – Vancouver, Canada

I was on my winter wonderland holiday in Canada and being the garden designer and horticulturalist that I am, I could not pass through Vancouver without popping into the Botanical Gardens to see what they had to offer. It was a grey day in December so I was lucky enough to have the gardens mostly … Continued

Poppies – Tower of London

This may not be classed as Garden design but to me it is a beautiful and moving piece of art in the landscape.With the sun shining on this sea of poppies that run all the way around the castellations it is overwhelming to think how many people died in the war.The pictures speak for themselves….

Sheffield Park – East Sussex

What a fabulous Indian summer we are having, perfect for venturing out and about. The light at this time of year is beautiful and enhances the russet tones of the autumn landscape. The only issue being that all this dry weather is turning the leaves more towards brown than the yellows and reds one might … Continued

Hampton Court Flower Show

It may have been a few weeks ago but there was so much inspiration at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show that I thought it was was worth sharing some of the pictures I took. If you can’t make it the show it is worth visiting Hampton Court for the gardens themselves. I took a … Continued

Alfriston Clergy House – Sussex

A trip to the countryside revealed a little gem of a house and garden. This place is special as it was the first property to be purchased by the National Trust. The original part of the house dates back to 1350. The gardens however, have changed throughout the years and are a miss-mash of different … Continued

Chelsea Flower Show

Since I was young I have attended the Chelsea Flower show as often as I can. I remember my excitement and a pivotal moment in my life when my Grandmother got permission to take me out of school for the day to travel to London and see my first flower show. Ever since then I … Continued

Arlington Bluebell Walk – East Sussex

Ok, so it’s not strictly a garden but the the Bluebells were so beautiful I had to share them with you. Seeing this month’s picture of a tranquil Bluebell wood on my Countryfile calendar inspired me to hunt out a local woodland that is famous for its display of Bluebells. The Bluebells have a magical … Continued

The Garden Museum – Central London, Lambeth

Tucked away opposite the Houses of Parliament is a magical place with the feeling of a secret garden. This garden had a warmth and spirituality to it that many places try to replicate but was inherent in this space due to its history and setting. The Garden Museum is set in an old church that … Continued