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Lighting can turn a beautiful garden into a magical space when the sun goes down, it also extends the amount of time you can enjoy and use the space. If the garden can be viewed from regularly used rooms in the home then subtle lighting can stop the windows and doors becoming black spaces in the evening and turn them into living artwork. You don’t need to light up the garden like a landing strip, gently uplighting key features in the garden will add interest to the landscape after dark.

Spot lights

These are a great way to uplight features of the garden and create pockets of light rather than flooding the whole space with light.

Practical lighting

If you have an often used path or places such as garages and sheds that are frequently visited then using some light to mark the path is a sensible idea. Remember though, this doesn’t need to be boring and it doesn’t need to be too bright. Using a directional flood light or wide angle spot to illuminate areas that require more light such as spaces for eating and entertaining means they become practical but don’t just flood the entire garden with one light.

Accent lighting

Using lights in fun or interesting ways adds character to the garden and can turn any space into something special.