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Patios, Paths and Decking

The hard landscaping creates the structure and layout of the garden, creating a thoughtful layout and choosing the appropriate materials for your taste and lifestyle will set the garden off in the right direction. The rest of the garden can then work around this backbone to create the perfect garden for you.

Here you can find some of our favourite uses of hard landscaping materials and how they might work for you.

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If used correctly in the right situation decking can create an area that has a softer and more natural feel than some stones or paving. We often use it where the house opens out to the garden and the wooden floors continue inside and out. Using hardwood will give a much nicer appearance and last longer than using softwood, try to avoid grooves as these tend to collect dirt and moss.


There are a plethora of different stones, tiles and slabs available on the market. At Borrowed Space we have hundreds of samples and catalogues so we will always be in the best position to recommend the right product for you. We always recommend, when making your decision: 1) to think how you are going to use the space… will there be traffic or just the occasional person walking over it? Some tiles may look beautiful but aren’t practical for a driveway. 2) What sort of look are you going for? Light colours give a feel of sunny holidays but deep colours add atmosphere and drama. 3) Don’t forget texture, ‘riven’ or textured tiles add interest and can give an aged and gentler appearance to a patio whereas smooth paving can feel cleaner and more contemporary.


Paths don’t just lead you from A to B they also create structure and add to the overall feel of the space. You should consider similar things to that of when choosing your patio. Try to keep you palette of hard materials to two or three (depending o the size of garden) and use other things such as the plants to add colour.