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Plants are like the soft furnishings of the garden design world. They soften the space and bring the garden to life, adding interest and colour throughout the seasons. This is one of our favourite parts of the design and build process; putting the plants in.

Seasonal interest

Clever planting can ensure that there is interest throughout the seasons. Whatever the style of garden the heart is warmed by seeing the first spring blossom or a tightly clipped evergreen Holly touched in frost.

Planting combinations

The colours and combination of plants will help to achieve the overall feel of the space; fluffy foliage and pastel flowers create a sumptuous and relaxing space whereas neat hedges and large architectural leaves lend themselves to a more formal style.

Right plant, right place

Horticulturalists will repeat this saying until they are blue in the face and with years of experience at Borrowed Space we wholeheartedly agree… Plants will only look fabulous if they like the conditions they are growing in! Work with what you’ve got… trying to change the environment to suit a particular plant is a recipe for disaster! With millions of plants available – there are bound to be gorgeous plants that will work well… we’ll be happy to help you find one!