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Summer Garden Design Tips

Growing your own veggies doesn’t have to mean turning your garden into an allotment… many fruit and vegetables have leaves and flowers that will fit in well amongst your perennials! Or why not add some summer fragrance to your outdoor space with some sweet smelling blossoms…

Grow some veg!

It’s the height of garden fashion at the moment to be able to serve your dinner guests gorgeous veggies that you have grown in the garden. Zero food miles and organic as you like! You may not feel like taking up an allotment or devoting a whole area of your garden to growing fruit and veg but not all edible plants are eyesores so you can grow them in amongst your perennials without spoiling the look of your garden.

Summer scent

It is said that the sense of smell has a more powerful affect on stimulating our memories and emotions than sight, yet it is often overlooked when designing spaces. Climbers are a good way to introduce perfume to the garden; Jasmine is an old favourite and comes in several different forms that will flower at different times of the year, Honeysuckle has a deliciously sweet smell on a summers evening.