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Water features

Inspiring garden design will often incorporate elements of water within them… as well as the aesthetics of bringing water to your garden – a traditional pond could potentially be a boon for the local ecology. Places for birds to splash, for frogs to spawn, for water snails, fish, and beautiful water plants to thrive.

The sound of water serves as a gentle reminder of the wider world in which we live – a soothing sound of trickling or splashing water might be the backdrop to an afternoon in the garden with a good book, or a meditative hour spent pruning.

We have brought together a few ideas for you below which we hope will inspire you to consider enhancing your outdoor space with some water.

Natural pools & wildlife ponds

Having a water source in the garden is one of the best ways to encourage wildlife into your landscape. Having a pond that is good for wildlife will not only look good and bring a relaxing feel to the space but you will also be doing your bit for nature too.

Make sure you have a ramp or a gentle slope leading in and out of the water, this means that furry friends such as hedgehogs can have a drink without falling in. To get the most out of the plants available to grow in water create the pond so that there are shallow and deep areas. There is quite a lot to consider when building a wildlife pond so if you need some help then give us a call and we can design and build one for you!.

Still water

A water feature doesn’t need to have fancy fountains or complicated water falls. An expanse of reflective water can have a calming effect on the soul and reflect the changing nature of the sky above. You will still need a pump and good filtration system to stop the water turning green and slimy.

Features and fun

Water is a great way to introduce some fun and drama to the garden. From subtle to extravagant it’s hard not to smile when you come across jets of water coming through the paving or a winding waterfall around a seating area.

Pinterest has a great selection of inspirational backyard waterfalls and streams