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Featured projects

The Borrowed Space team has been busy on landscape design projects of different styles for over ten years. We have put together details of some of our favourite projects on this page – which we hope helps to demonstrate the breadth of our work and our focus on delivering the perfect garden for your lifestyle. 

Good garden design begins with understanding how you want to use the space and how the finished landscape will feel. Oliver will help you identify your requirements and will work with you to create stunning garden design ideas. The Borrowed Space team can then work with contractors and suppliers, overseeing the landscaping and planting of your garden to deliver exceptional results.

The Metalworks – Clapham, London

Set in the courtyard of a converted metalworks we wanted to reflect the character and history of the space.

Using a clean layout and straight lines we wanted to give this London courtyard a contemporary feel.

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Sussex Downs

This garden design project was a conceptual garden taking its inspiration from the stunning rolling hills and folklore of the Sussex Downs. The brief was to create a garden that was not just in-keeping with the landscape but one which could even be seen to enhanced the eerie atmosphere of the Downs.

An almost spiritual feel was achieved with this garden. An amphitheatre style seating area complete with fire pit, a copse of piercing white silver birch trees and a backlit row of pencil trees all add to the character of this space.

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Country Garden

When our client purchased this country retreat they thought the garden was so narrow that it was basically a path but after some Borrowed Space magic they now have a seating area, vegetable patch and herb garden.

A rustic brick path connects this space and creates a backbone to the garden that is in-keeping with the surroundings. The herbs thrive in a raised border close to the kitchen and leave a sweet scent in the air around the patio. An archway and shade loving plants draw you down to the cooler space at the end of the garden

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Modern & Low Maintenance

This garden was created to reflect the sleek interior of the newly refurbished home. It even has an artificial Lawn to reduce the maintenance of the space.

This garden was designed to look stylish with minimum effort; Red Cedar is high in naturally protective oils, the artificial grass needs no mowing and the water has had a few tablets of chlorine added to keep it crystal clear.

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Family Fun

This seaside inspired garden reflected the client’e love of the coast whilst creating a fun, family space.

Inspiration was taken from the arch shaped windows of the church that overlooks the garden and the little fishing boats that remind the inhabitants of holidays on the coast. This arch shape was used in the layout along with reminders of the sea such as old sea defence used as sculpture and a sail used to create shade in the BBQ area.

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Stylish, Contemporary London Garden

This space reflects the on-trend style of the clients. Grey fencing and raised planters are softened by blocks of grasses and ferns with the occasional splash of orange flowers to add colour. A central axis leads to a platform for a sculpture as the focal point of the landscape.

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Town Garden

This fashionable “Chelsea” style garden is perfect for entertaining or relaxing with friends. It features topiary and hardwood decking. It is viewed from the house so outdoor lighting was also important.

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